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We are a professional driving school and training provider based in the Stoke - on - Trent area with over 40 years dedicated to the Driver Training Industry. We specialise in providing a varied range of quality driving tuition from car and van to large goods vehicle/passenger carrying and specialist vehicles. Your tutor will be a professional multi-qualified driving instructor who is registered with the Driving Standards Agency and Diamond Advanced Instructor.

  • Dual Controlled Manual and Automatic Training Cars ..Cat B
  • LGV (Cat C and C + E)
  • MGV (Cat C1) & (C1 + E with trailer)
  • PCV Minibus (Cat D1, 17 seat)
  • Minibus safe drive programme
  • Daily walk round checks
  • Executive coach (Cat D)
  • Car and trailer (Cat B + E)
  • Disabled Drivers Course in automatic training car with Test!

  • Disabled Drivers - driver ability assessment pre-training
  • Driver assessment (pre-employment & Post accident training)(manual)
  • Company and local authority enquiries welcome
  • Intensive One or Two Week Course with test
  • Quality Professional Service
  • Workplace Safety (Banksman Course half day)
  • Workplace safety (Supervisor Course)(full day)
  • Workplace safety for construction site/ warehouse/ transport depot/ bus station
  • Workplace safety induction course..... hire your own in company instructor for/ 1 hour/ 1 day/ 1 week/ 1 month
  • LGV tail lift safety
  • Tachograph/drivers hours
  • PCV Minibus with trailer (Cat D1 + E)
  • Roping and sheeting
  • Driver development programme
  • LGV and PCV advanced driving course and test
  • New driver CPC training provider (Initial training)
  • New taxi driver training course
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