PCV Minibus Training (cat D1)

  • A modern 17 seat PCV minibus
  • Easy and comfortable to drive
  • Good vision for manoeuvring
  • Beginner or refresher
  • Ambulance Patient Transport / Taxi
  • Minibus advanced course and test
  • Minibus safe driving programme
  • Minibus with trailer CAT D1 + E
  • Use your company or works vehicle to reduce the cost of the training...
  • Quality professional service
  • Driver aptitude assessment
  • Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructor
  • Diamond advanced instructor
  • We use all the official recommended training material- books, videos, DVD, CD-Rom
  • Company or local authority enquiries welcome
  • Classroom Theory sessions arranged at your workplace (up to 10 students)
  • Use your company or works vehicle to reduce the cost of the training...
  • If you are anxious about driving a minibus, why not build your skills and confidence, overcome any difficulties with a 2, 3 or 4 hour session
  • New PCV driver CPC (Initial Qualification)
  • Occupational driver road risk familiarisation training and assessment... with report
    two hours or half day build your skills and confidence for a long term safety plan
  • Course with early test - spread the cost over 12 months with "The New Easy Payment Scheme"

  • A realistic and fair price policy is the order of the day / taking into consideration todays motoring and running expenses for passenger carrying vehicles, areas such as maintenance general wear and tear / gear box / clutch / brakes / tyres / MOT / fuel / and driving school insurance for PCV all costs for passenger vehicles

  • Think carefully before booking your practical driving or theory test...
    Ask yourself the question are you really ready to sit these exams?
    Take advice from your trainer...

    If you attend before you are ready you might be disappointed with the result and have to take your tests again and with the practical test if you can not drive to a safe standard, you will not pass and you are placing yourself other motorists and your examiner in danger.
    The answer is more practise to improve the chances of success.


If you passed a car driving test (cat B) after January 1997 you probably wouldn’t have the licence to drive a PCV minibus (cat D1) - you will need to pass a theory test and a further driving test to gain the entitlement.

Does this affect you? Check your licence Now!

  • Postal staff/airport staff
  • Taxi & Limousine drivers
  • Health care workers/nursery nurses
  • Ambulance service paramedics (cat C1 or D1)
  • Ambulance service transport
  • Executive Transport
  • University Staff/College lecturers/school teachers
Licence Category D1