Quality Training Advanced Driving

Do you want to improve your driving skills?

Why not consider Advanced or Defensive driving

This involves a safe driving performance

  • Anticipation
  • Perception
  • Observation
  • Planning
  • Systematic use of the controls

Why should I take Advanced level training and a test?

  • To have a better understanding of the highway code
  • To improve skill levels
  • To reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident
  • To enjoy driving more
  • You will be proud of your achievement

Other benefits are:

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduced levels of driving stress
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Less wear and tear on your vehicle

Why not develop your driving skills to the highest standard?

You can take the test on various vehicles:

  • Car
  • MGV (7.5 tonne)
  • PCV Minibus
  • LGV Artic (Cat C + E)
  • Delivery Van
  • PCV Coach
  • LGV Rigid (Cat C)
  • Car & Trailer

Company and local authority enquiries welcome

Useful study material:

  • Current copy of the highway code
  • Know your traffic signs booklet
  • Roadcraft, the police drivers handbook
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