Car Driver Training

  • Our reputation speaks for itself
  • Dual Controlled Manual and Automatic Training Cars ..Cat B
  • Intensive One or Two Week Course.. with test!
  • Conversion from International to U.K. licence
  • If you have a limited budget you can pay for your lessons on a "Pay as you go basis"
    or take advantage of...
    "The New Easy Payment Scheme!"
  • Discounts on first lessons and block bookings
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  • Disabled Drivers course with test

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  • Quality Professional Service
  • Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructor (car)
  • Diamond Advanced Instructor
  • Cleaned and maintained training car
  • Our aim is to build confidence and develop skills
  • Driver assessment and development
  • Advanced driving course and test
  • Motorway Training and Pass Plus
  • Planned programme of tuition
  • Currently using all the recommended training materials, books, videos, DVD’s and CD Rom
  • Free home or work pickup service
  • Most areas covered: Stoke - On -Trent, the Potteries and Staffordshire
  • Take the Test in your local area
  • Lessons - 60 mins, 90 mins and 120 mins
  • Quick Learning / Test Booster / Intensive Course with early test
  • Training and Test arranged to suit work or college commitments
  • Requested home visits (Pre first lesson)

  • If you have decided to take a break from driving sometime ago and would like to restart again then we could design a course of training to suit you, once your theory test is passed you may be well on the way to taking your practical driving test and achieving success with your chosen course
  • If you feel anxious about learning to drive
    just pick up the phone and we'll do the rest...

    We'll help you all we possibly can with all areas of theory and practical driving - we will guide you every step of the way through the learning process and to successful completion of your examinations - all learning is conducted comfortably and at your own pace.
    Just concentrate on your learning programme and leave the worrying to us... we'll guarantee it'll be worth the effort.!!

    May be you've failed your theory or practical test several times.. let us help you!
    We guarantee what we tell you will bring success and get you through your test... Don't be down in yourself!!!
    Pick up the phone and let us solve your problem!

  • We continually monitor our pricing structure to remain competitive. Taking into consideration todays motoring and running expenses, eg Car maintenance, general wear and tear, gear box, clutch, brakes, tyres, MOT, fuel and driving school insurance, these are all typical costs for running a car.

  • Think carefully before booking your practical driving or theory test...
    Ask yourself the question are you really ready to sit these exams?
    Take advice from your trainer...

    If you attend before you are ready you might be disappointed with the result and have to take your tests again and with the practical test if you can not drive to a safe standard, you will not pass and you are placing yourself other motorists and your examiner in danger.
    The answer is more practise to improve the chances of success.

Signed the DSA and DIA professional Code of Conduct
Quality Training
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