Large Goods Vehicle

  • All categories of large goods vehicles
  • Rigid, artic, 7.5 tonne, drawbar (cat C, C + E & C1)
  • 5 Exams to reach cat C

    NEW LGV Loaded Training Course
    NEW LGV Driver CPC (initial qualification)
    NEW LGV Theory Test
  • Medium Goods Vehicle
    CAT C1 and C1 + E
  • Use your company or works vehicle to reduce the cost of your training...
  • Delivery vans of any size and weight
  • Quality professional service
  • Driving Standards Agency registered LGV instructor
  • Driver assessment (for job interview and post-accident training)
  • Driver development programme
  • Tachograph / drivers hours
  • LGV advanced course and test
  • Roping & sheeting / safe loading
  • Refresher course
  • 3, 5, 7 and 10 day courses
  • Training times to suit you
  • Classroom Theory sessions arranged at your workplace (up to 10 students)
  • Course with early test - spread the cost over 12 months with
    "The New Easy Payment Scheme"
  • Driver temporary or permanent employment vacancies, earn up to £700 per week!!!

    Let us prepare you and get you on the road to success - immediate work placements available,
    we will help you achieve your goal of gaining your large vehicle licence
  • A realistic and fair price policy is the order of the day. Taking into consideration todays motoring and running expenses for large goods vehicles / areas such as lorry maintenance / general wear and tear / gear box / clutch / brakes / tyres / MOT / fuel / driving school insurance / all costs for LGV
  • Think carefully before booking your practical driving or theory test...
    Ask yourself the question are you really ready to sit these exams?
    Take advice from your trainer...

    If you attend before you are ready you might be disappointed with the result and have to take your tests again and with the practical test if you can not drive to a safe standard, you will not pass and you are placing yourself other motorists and your examiner in danger.
    The answer is more practise to improve the chances of success......

    Any training lorry is traditionally a larger and heavier vehicle than you are used to driving, it will handle differently, be loaded, and as part of the controls have a multi range type gear box this will take time to develop operating skills. Just because you can drive doesn't automatically mean you'll pass the test. It makes good sense to attend ready and prepared. In most cases between 6 and 10 days is required . (dependant on students ability). ..This may mean around 30 to 40 hours of training to achieve a good result.... (view videos)


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