Specialist Vehicle

Ambulance service paramedics and student paramedics, drivers and ambulance patient transport. Do you want a cat C1 and cat D1 entitlement on your driving licence? If so, we can help you - ring for details.

Specialist Vehicle Specialist Vehicle
Cat C1 Cat D1
  • Emergency ambulance CAT C1
  • Ambulance Patient Transport
    CAT D1
  • Driver familiarisation 2 / 3 or 4 hours
  • Drivers responsibilities & daily walkround checks
  • Horsebox or farming vehicle and trailer
  • Safety awareness
  • Work Place Banksman course (Reversing Safety - half day)
  • Police and Prison Service CAT C + C1
  • New Loaded Training Course
  • Hospital Transport Vehicle
  • Utilities and Plant Vehicle
  • Local Authority Refuse
  • Advanced Driving course with test
  • Diamond advanced instructor
  • Diamond accredited advanced taxi driver trainer (DATT)
  • Driving standards Agency approved fleet register trainer
  • Any vehicle with an unusual design
  • LGV & PCV fleet training
  • Mobile office
  • Continued program of driver development
  • Intensive course with test

  • Any vehicle or trailer is traditionally a larger and heavier vehicle than you are used to driving, it will of course be loaded and handle differently this will take time to develop safe driving skills. A driving test requires safety checks on your vehicle and trailer and to perform a precise and challenging reverse exercise followed by a comprehensive road drive plus trailer uncoupling / recoupling.
    Just because you can drive doesn't automatically mean you'll pass the test, it makes good sense to attend ready and prepared
    How many lessons or hours of training will I need....? In most cases between 3 and 6 days is required (dependant on students ability)
    This may mean around 16 to 24 hours of training to achieve a good result
Specialist Vehicle Specialist Vehicle Specialist Vehicle Specialist Vehicle Specialist Vehicle